Glad you’re Out

Narrative Short, 2024   |   Québec, Canada   |   15m34s   |   1.66:1   |   Colour   |   Stereo+5.1   | Eng. + Fr. Subs

Late-blooming Cole enters a chaotic house party where a basement punk show awaits. As he descends, his anxious inner thoughts become reflected through ten characters in their early 20s.

Cole, toujours un peu en retard sur les autres, débarque dans une fête à l'aspect chaotique où un spectacle punk l'attend au sous-sol. Au fur et à mesure qu'il descend, des pensées moroses naissent à la rencontre de dix personnages au début de la vingtaine.

Telefilm Canada: Not Short on Talent, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Market 2024

“Things unspool, albeit nervously, with Glad you’re Out, Matthew Moir’s house party short that doubles as a study in anxiety. (And anxieties.) (And great wardrobe design.) Navigating a sweaty basement show and a series of cramped conversations, Cole, played by Moir, wears a knitted toque throughout it all that acts, maybe, as an emotional support hat — especially once it’s offered to someone else having an off night of their own.“

- Jake Howell, programmer & writer

      “A Patchwork Programme: Not Short on Talent at Clermont-Ferrand 2024”

Produced with the support of Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario. And, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

friends are calling it:
“A sad clown experiencing the tension of an absence of sexuality.” 
     “Rock n’ Roll Rohmer!”
        “I could smell the musty basement!”



Cole: Matthew Moir
Tamra: Chantal Grace

Gage: Amanda Custodio
Kaia: Hannah Ehman
Piper: Kalesha McKoy
Nate: Devin Ross

Mel: Micheala Snoyer

Dex: Még Hermès
Sar: Mick Robertson
Jesse: Katherine Ross
Miles: Iva Celebic

featuring the band HUGH MAN
Voice: Jesse Hollett
Drums: Arina Moriseychenk
Bass: Michael Couvillon
Guitar: Stephen Derer

Kvesche Bijons-Ebacher
Gab Izma
Jonathan Pappo
Zoe Alexis-Aberams
Milena Hammoud
Sara Frank
Daniel Rahbary
Kaeli Vanbendegem
Michael Sayegh
Caitlin Woelfle-O'Brien
Drew Marshall
Erin McGuire
Lukas Cheung
Rachel Weldon
Emma Cosgrove
Lea Rose Sebastianis
Amelia Izmanki

HUGH MAN, performed live
“You’re Torturing Me”
“Kratom Pride (In the Name of Love)”
available on

"Form of Space"
performed by L CON
written & produced by Lisa Conway
off the album Moon Milk
© Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings 2016

“Monsters Without Words”
performed by Casey MQ
written & produced Casey Manierka-Quaile
off the album babycasey
© Halocline Trance 2020

Additional Music generously provided by Michael Couvillon & his bands :)
“Chips My Hoy”
performed by HUGH MAN
“Here Comes Mr. Suck”
performed by Leather Jacuzzi
“Dynasty Destiny (How You Find That Goo version)”
performed by HUGH MAN
“Leatherette Spa”
performed by Leather Jacuzzi
performed by Bozo

Produced, Written, Directed, & Edited: Matthew Moir

Associate Producers: Matisse ApSimon-Megens & Amelia Izmanki

Executive Producer: Jack Art
Art & Production Design: Amelia Izmanki & Emma Cosgrove
Costume Design: Emma Cosgrove
1st Assistant Director: Matisse ApSimon-Megens
2nd Assistant Director:    Lea Rose Sebastianis
Production Manager:    Lindsay Dorcas
Sound Recording and Mix: Armen Bazarian

On-Set Sound Assistant: Kendra Howden

Cinematography: Rohan Painter

1st AC: Rachel Bundy
Grip & Additional Camera Operation: Chris Atkins
Colour: Guillaume Piché
VFX: Felipe Chaparro

Associate Film Editor: Matisse ApSimon-Megens
Makeup & Hair Artist: Bronte Brazier
Assistants to Bronte: Amy Sproat & Bhagjit Cheema
Location Manager: Amelia Izmanki
Production Assistant: Gab Izma
Script Supervision: Lindsay Dorcas

Casting: Kaliopi Kuzyk, Matthew Moir, & Matisse ApSimon-Megens

Additional Voices: Catherine Machado, Connor Lyons, Meetra Parwana, Emma Cosgrove, & Scott Bevins
Additional Voice Recording Facility: Studio Ronz Haus
Colourist: Guillaume Piché
Colour Correction Facility: Post-Moderne
VFX: Felipe Chaparro
Title Design: Alexa Hawksworth
Catering provided by G&B Hospitality
Insurance provided by Front Row Insurance
Camera & Lighting: Canada Film Equipment
On-Set StaySafe Ambassador: Lindsay Dorcas
COVID-19 Testing provided by StaySafe
Featuring Paintings & Illustrations by Jean deMers, Jamiyla Lowe, Amelia Izmanki, & Corey Waurechen

Common Sort
Emma Kudlac
John Alunan
Aēsop Queen Street West
Ryan Al Hage
Casey MQ
Grace Glowicki
Ben Petrie
Dillon Baldassero
Benjamin Muñoz
Jessie Posthumus
Residents of THE BURL
Lina Roessler
Dominique van Olm
Nara Wriggs
Jennifer Byrne
Village Juicery
Milky’s Coffee
Kwento Cakes
Ace Hill Brewery
The Pour Project
Thornbury Cider
Erin O’Connor
Colin Zouvi
Michael Couvillon
Craig Fahner
& a very special thanks to Bryce Zimmerman

Filmed at THE BURL (est. 2018–2021): a home to a chosen family of artists living and creating in Toronto, shared with the community as a performance venue, studio, and dinner table. May all the good times stay close to our hearts and dreams.

Robin Colère

Documentation  |  2023–

An onging documentation of the album recordings and behind-the-scenes of Robin Colére: a musical project for children by Colin & Rebecca Leclerc. The teaser was captured on Super 8 for the debut EP release “Le potager de brouillard”, now available on all major music streaming platforms.

A performance video for their premier full length album “Mortricot” will be released Fall 2023.


Narrative Short

Intertwining the narratives of a florist delivering bouquets and a gay couple staying in her cabin, they are all unexpectedly united by the news of their mutual friend's death. From the point of view of an evolving bouquet, their vacation shifts into a comedic and surreal celebration of life and death.

Currently in Post-Production.

Proudly supported by Canada Arts Council and our gernerous KICKSTARTER crowdfunding supporters.

As You Lay Sleeping

Musical Feature  |  July 2021

As You Lay Sleeping is an experimental musical about a woman slowly untangling her obsession with romantic love. As she collects all the pieces of a broken relationship, she comes to terms with the fact that maybe she'll never be able to get it right because it's all wrong to begin with. We follow her as she breaks up with her sleeping boyfriend, attends an imaginary wedding, and moves on. 

Between love and everything else.
“I didn’t sleep, I counted your breaths.”

A bookended live and pre-recorded feature length experience that interweaves original music, dance, theatre, and film. The production was the winner of the Digital Adams Prize for Musical Theatre and featured as part of the Digital Toronto Fringe Festival’s Primetime series in July 2021. Clips available upon request.

Diapause Collective
in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents
As You Lay Sleeping
written, composed, & performed by Amelia Izmanki
directed by Matthew Moir & Matisse ApSimon-Megens
filmed by Matthew Moir
choreographed by Jake Poloz
sound recorded and mixed by Louie Short
featuring Amelia Izmanki, Sully Malaeb Proulx, Barbara Hankins, Gab Izma, & Maggie Smith

Pity Party

Experimental Short  |  October 2017

A subjective study on the millennial stereotype of a "sad boy."