Performance  |  July 2019

TMAC (Toronto Media Arts Centre)

The text featured in this performance began in June 2017, where each “NEW BIO” was tweeted at the time of its ideation, creating an archived persona of self-mimicry. Bringing the text to material, I printed them on tabloid sized posters. On the evening of the performance, I entered the gallery, rapidly wheatpasted each “NEW BIO” onto the wall, and walked away.

[60 tabloid posters, wheatpaste, paint brush, white wall]

As part of Pill*Ory first edition
“Employing the liberation of bodies as a primary medium, Pi*llOry harnesses the epic powers of presence, space, politics, shame, and (dis)/ability, while also refracting their infinite incarnations. These artists renounce the binary and traditional gender roles, and in doing so, not only create new ones, but space for others to create and live in them as well. Through a variety of aural, visual, and visceral mediums, Pi*llory explores the depths of fragmented gender/queer identity, pushing beyond label and classification. On the edge of complete uncertainty, with only the already structural, limited, and bound ways of description and discrimination, Pi*llOry arm themselves with the unknown, in hopes of navigating the surrender that comes with being an other.”

Works by
Leena Raudvee
Matthew Moir
David Frankovich
Holly Timpener
Sophie Traub (Aka wisdomfruit)

Pill*Ory is a queer performance art collective that was created by Holly Timpener

Photograph by Aedan Crooke [@aedan_crooke]

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