Put Some Meat On Your Bones

Performance  |  March 2018

Audain Art Centre, Vancouver, Canada

Performed for a UBC Performance Actions and Approaches class with Catherine M. Soussloff

“I don’t know if this is my idea of fun...”
[white t-shirt, pork ribs, butcher’s twine, red-and-white tablecloth]

Part queer initiation, this performance brought its viewers in on a visceral experience of anxiety that reinstates the body’s status as an object. An audience entered the space, as I stood with my back towards them and performed an imaginary argument with someone telling me to take off my shirt. As layers of clothing were removed, the raw meat seeped through until it was fully revealed. This performance followed a series of works in response to my undergraduate research in disordered eating and representations of queered masculinities.

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