Tug-A-War / Trier une guerre

Performance  |  April 28 & 29 2022

La Centrale galerie Powerhouse
Montréal, QC

A rat race between Tess Martens, Holly Timepenar, and Matthew Moir; tied together in the vitrine of La Centrale. For three hours, they will each pull a three-way 2 meter rope connected in the middle. A video installation will accompany this performance, where they will change directions to reach the buttons of a keyboard in an attempt to communicate with one another. Through this performance, they will commit to remain connected against unremitting force. 

The performance took place in the gallery, visible from the vitrine of La Centrale from 6-9pm. On Saturday, April 30th at 2pm, the artists participated in a conversation with Mathieu Lacroix.

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